The members of N.A.D.A.R produced hundreds of thematic maps!

Originally, maps were produced by means of traditrional methods (drawn by hand), but we quickly exploited the possibilities of computers, at first to help in the conception of maps, then quickly to graphically produce the maps.

In 1982, Y. Baudot was the author of what seems to be the first thematic map generated by computer published in Belgium (" Liège Aujourd'hui et Demain ", p. 101 - Ed. E. Liège Wahle, 1985).

The development of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and graphic software allows now everybody to produce "beautiful maps" with no efforts. But to produce " good maps " is not so easy!

We are convinced that our university background in geography, our initial professionnal experience in traditional and modern cartography, plus more than 20 years of practical experience allows us to produce " good maps ".


(you'll find also good examples of thematic maps realised by N.A.D.A.R. in the section "school maps ")