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N.A.D.A.R. is an informal group of experts, created in 1994 and managed by Yves Baudot, PhD in Geography and freelance consultant (Curriculum Vitae in Pdf foirmat) - Click on this link to get Acrobat reader (requested to open Pdf files) .

Origin of the name "N.A.D.A.R". ?

Techniques applied by N.A.D.A.R. involve cartography, geographical information systems, spatial analysis, aerial photography, satellite remote sensing and GNSS.

Fields of application are many


Interventions are sometimes purely technical (e.g. provision of maps and orthophoto), but most often these include as well training and technical assistance, and sometimes the whole project management.

Techniques, fields of application and activities of N.A.D.A.R. are explianed and illustrated in various sections of the site, accessible through corresponding buttons located in the top menu bar.

So far, most of the activities of N.A.D.A.R. were located in Europe and Africa.