From 1995 till 2003, Yves Baudot widely contributed to the foundation of the Namibian organisation in charge of cartography (the Directorate of Survey and Mapping), within the framework of a program of bilateral cooperation of the Grand duchy of Luxemburg.

In this frame, he developed an original updating method fot topographic maps, based completely on the use of PC computers.

He also established the layout and the legend of the new maps of Namibia at scales 1:50'000 and 1:250'000, after to many contacts with the users' community. The layout of 1:250'000 maps won the second price of the competition of cartography "Avenza MapPublisher Awards " in 2003.

Most of the phases of this method were successfully transferred to the Namibian technicians in charge of the maintenance of the map coverage. Yves Baudot was also directly involved in the production of more than 150 maps.


These maps are available at:
Directorate of Survey and Mapping
R. Mugabe Avenue , 49
Windhoek ( Namibia )

Tel.: +264-61-249 953