All products highlighted and any other extra information related to mapping and GIS of Namibia can be obtained from:

The Directorate of Survey and Mapping
45 Robert Mugabe Ave.
Private Bag 13182 Windhoek , Namibia

Mr. UZO Okafor –Deputy Surveyor-General
Tel: +264 (61) 245056/7-9
Fax: +264 (61) 249802

Other Related Links:

•  Natural Resources Information Service (NRIS), has GIS related data of the North Central Regions

Mr. Ignatius Mwanyekange
Private Bag 5571, Oshakati
Tel: +264 (65) 231486

•  Rundu Town Council has GIS related data
for Kavango Region

Mr. Claus Kazumba
Rundu City Council Building
Tel: +264 (66) 256967

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