What is GIS?

GIS is a collection of hardware, software, geographic data and people that are trained to use this system to enable data capture, storage, updating, manipulation, analysis and display of all forms of geographically referenced information.

It is a system that integrates spatial and attributes data to provide information necessary for decision-making. Beginning with computerized topographic maps as its base, GIS overlays and integrates graphics and textual information from separate databases.

GIS data…

What GIS data can be used for?

GIS data can be used for:

•  Planning:

In locating a density populated area for the purpose of constructing hearth center etc

•  Monitoring:

The increase of deforestation

•  Evaluation:

How far people travel to get water

Project evaluation and analysis

•  Decision making:

Demarcation of farm boundaries to assess land availability

•  Feasibility studies, etc.

Assessment of environmental impact of new development, e.g. construction of hydro power plant etc

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