Aerial photo:

Aerial photographs are available in Scales ranging from 1:10 000 which covers only certain area to Scale 1:80 000, which covers the whole country.



Aerial photographs can only be acquired in analog/hard copy and raster format


Aerial photographs are scanned and geometrical corrected, based on the digital terrain model and the ground control points are applied.

The resulting digital Orthophoto are assembled as continuous images having the same geometric characteristic (scale and projection) to produce a mosaic.

Presently Orthophoto are available in digital format at two different Scales, being 1:50000, covering the Kavango and Caprivi Regions of 2,5m resolution. 1:250 000 scale covering the area between 1712 and 2020 of 5m resolutions, and between 2113 and 2218 of 2m resolutions.
The aim is to have the whole country covered in the near future.

Analytical Stereo Plotter For Orthophoto generation …

Digital Terrain Model…

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