•  Find a location

If you have to find a place on the map and have its coordinates, use the methods explained in the previous section.

If you have the name of a village or a farm name, you will have to scrutinise the map, as there is no index of place names on these maps. Be careful, because it not rare to have a few villages having the same name. Be sure you are looking in the good region.

Land-use can also be used to identify your position. Keep in mind however that some elements of land-use can change quickly (cultivated fields, buildings and settlements being the most obvious examples), and that you are using a map reflecting the situation observed a few years ago (check this with the date of revision of the map).

If you look for a particular road, note that road numbers of roads crossing the map area are usually placed close to the edge of the map. For long roads, these numbers are repeated.