•  Points features

•  Schools

Schools are indicated by a single dot, even if composed of a few buildings. On 1:250'000 map, if more than one school are grouped together, they are indicated by a few green squared dots, but only one “S” symbol.

The name of the school is sometimes indicated, when it is very important.

•  Health Infrastructure

The following distinction is made for health infrastructures.

Keep in mind that some small clinics, and most outreach points (to be checked) have very basic infrastructure, and no permanent medical staff.

•  Radio Masts

Only very high communication infrastructures are indicated on the map. Private antennas, etc. are not mapped.

•  Trig Beacons

Trig beacons are artificial landmarks placed on the ground for mapping purposes. Their geographic coordinates are measured very accurately. They are included on the map because they can be useful for the travellers as remarkable landmarks.

•  Marine lights and light house

Are of course found only along the coast. Their description is straightforward.

•  Stores

This category only appears in the legend of the 1:50'000 map. Only important stores are indicated on the map. There are actually thousands of small stores or “cuca shops” like this one. These are not indicated on the map, except if they highly remarkable, for instance being the only store in a village.

•  Police Stations

•  Official buildings

•  Main Buildings

This class includes all buildings having another function than those described above.

Most buildings are indicated by a punctual symbol. However, on 1:50 '000 maps, the building layout is sometimes indicated, when the building is large enough.

The name or the identification is added to important buildings (or those having an important function).