•  Toponyms

Toponyms include all names placed on the map.

Some names are related to an area (nature conservation area, chain of mountains, large pans, etc.). These texts are placed in such a way to cover as much as possible of the area they are referring to. On very large area, these texts can me repeated a few times.

The colour and the font indicates the nature of the text.



Village names are all written in black text. The height of the text, and the type of character used gives an indication of the importance of the villages.


When possible, the name of a village (or any point element) is always placed in a upper-right position. In many cases however, it was not possible to use this position (because the text will overlay other elements of the map), and the name is then placed differently. The placement of the text was done using common sense (to improve the general readability), but it may be good to know that cartographers will always try to place the name in the highest ranked position indicated on this figure.

River names are in blue colour and follow the curve of the river. On long rivers, the name can be duplicated a few times. The orientation of the text is sometimes used to indicate the direction of the flow (the text is “following the flow” - in other words, the first letter of the name is placed upstream -)