Map Names and Map Numbers

The name of the map series is related to the region and the scale (Caprivi 1:50'000, Namibia 1:250'000). A map should always be referred to by this series and the edition number (the new edition of the Caprivi 1:50'000 maps is the 2 nd Edition, etc.).

Each map has also a name, based on the most important place found on the map. This name can be a town, a village, or a significant feature ("Etosha West"). In order to assure the compatibility with previous editions, the name of the maps were not changed, even if the village used to name the map is no more

Each map has also a number, based on its location.

For 1:250'000 maps (each covering 2° Longitude by 1° Latitude), the number is defined by the geographic coordinates (in degrees) of the NW corner (upper left). The two first digit are for Latitude, and the 2 last for Longitude. For instance, the upper left corner of map 1916 is:
Latitude = 19°S and Longitude = 16°E.

For maps at larger scale (1:50'000), the numbering follows the same principle, but each square degree is sub-divided in 15 by 15 minutes area, identified by the following code:

For instance, we know from the sheet number that the upper-left corner of 1:50 '000 map sheet
N° 1820 BA is located at
18°00' S / 20°30' E

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